Bright Scholar and Shandong Seaside City Project Signed the Cooperation Agreement to Establish International School


On March 4th,2017, Bright Scholar Education Group (Formerly known as Country GardenEducation Group) and Country Garden Shandong Qingdao East Seaside City Project signeda joint contract for an international school. The international school will belocated at the central area among Qingdao, Yantai and Weihai in Shandong Province.The admission to the kindergarten will go out first.



AboutCountry Garden Seaside City Project

The project hasan area of 6000 acres and has developed 1900 acres. The project is located atthe central area among Qingdao, Yantai and Weihai in Shandong Province. Thefacilities have been improved largely in four years since 2013.

The facilitiesof Country Garden Seaside City: Country Garden Gold Beach Hotel, Four Season Spasporting center, Beach Activity Base, Custom Main Street, Health Canteen,Community Health Care, Education institution, Fruit and Vegetable Market,Traffic Center, etc.

It has the bestproperty service in the nation, beautiful five-dimension landscape, long goldenbeach, sand sculpture exhibition, art exhibition and the shows during touristseason. Seaside City has the functions of culture city, tourism city, sportcity and healthy city.


Children spendmost of their time in school along with their growth, while the inspiration ofscience and the insight of art are from high-quality environment. Bustling citydrives publics restless heart, and put too much attentions on fame and fortune,and even bring pollution.

We hope that ourchildren can: see the blue sky, kiss the white cloud, enjoy the twitter andthe fragrance of flowers every day; We hope that our children can live ina wonderful environment without frog and dust, enjoy clear air and clear water;We hope that our children can face the sea and enjoy the coastal scenery onthe long golden beach and appreciate the sand sculpture exhibition. And ShandongSeaside City is the one that can give you all the enjoyment.


Bright Scholarwill keep looking for ideal growth and academic environment for children, buildup the bridge towards World famous university, and develop children’s thehealthy body and mine as always.

List of International School ofBright Scholar

Guangdong Country Garden School (1994)

Jurong Country Garden School (2013)

Ningxiang Country garden School and Judge Business Academy (2014)

Country Garden Silver Beach School (2015)

Huaxi Country Garden International School (2015)

Lanzhou Country Garden School (2016)


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